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Dinner Menu

We care about You and Your Health – our soups are produced only from natural products without any preservatives or flavour enhancers. You will certainly be able to choose your favourite soup from the variety we offer: pickled cucumber, beans, beetroot, Ukrainian bortsch, fresh cabbage or sauerkraut, peas, sorrel, fresh vegetables, chicken, spinach and other. Flavour it with sour-cream and greens. It will only take a couple of minutes to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for your family.

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Marinated Products

This group consists of pickled and canned vegetables and mushrooms. High quality of products is preserved by selecting and buying vegetables with great care. Constant communication with growers, jointly selected seeds, controlled usage of fertilizers and pesticides. The quality of vegetables and products is thoroughly examined in every manufacturing level. Our most popular product is Pickled Cucumbers. Pickled cucumbers and tomatoes are delicious to eat alone or with cold and hot dishes. And you could not imagine how delicious our cold beet soup with beetroots, preserved in apple juice, is!

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Tomato Sauces

Our tomato sauces are made according to time-tested recipes. The high quality of our production is ensured with the help of new technologies. Even though our traditional sauces have multitude of fans, we still come up with many tempting new ideas and present this deliciousness to our customers. Tomato sauces are suitable for flavouring cold snacks, hot meat and fish dishes, soups, other sauces.

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Some of us like to flavour our meal with salt and pepper, others surrender to the temptations of mayonnaise. While creating our classical mayonnaises, we use ingredients of the finest quality, thus the result is a universal product, which can make your every meal mouth-watering.

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For snacks

Snacks are made from carefully selected vegetables, fish and mushrooms. Many years of experience of our technologists and high quality materials – these are the most important factors, which help to create products of exclusive taste. We know that our customers have a multitude of options. Our goal is to facilitate the selection of high quality products. We try to offer only such production, which we ourselves can be proud of. Snacks can be eaten alone or together with cold and hot dishes. Tuna or salmon spreads, flavoured with various seasonings, can be a wonderful solution in the case of unexpected guests.

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Sweet Products

Confiture is the easiest way to preserve berries. Up until today the recipes of confitures remain unchanged: berries are boiled with sugar. Jams are heated until they reach a jelly-like consistency. We also produce mashed berries and fruits with sugar.We inspect the quality of jams and confitures with special care. Only the finest materials are selected. Confitures and jams is a perfect way to flavour pancakes or porridges. Or you can simply enjoy it spread on a fresh roll.

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 Each and every sauce is made from carefully selected and balanced ingredients. The tastes of the world are at your kitchen.