About Us

The establishment of UAB Kedainiu Konservu Fabrikas dates back to 1944. Today, the traditions of then a state enterprise are continued by a privatized, renovated, a newly reborn company exuding with enthusiasm …

The Company is based in a unique region having favourable climate and soil conditions and a rapidly increasing number of vegetable growing farms. The city of Kedainiai has earned the title “Land of Cucumbers” for a reason – here, the agrocultural traditions of this product go back to the middle of the 20th c., when the perspective of growing cucumbers was firstly grasped by the local Jewish community…

Preserved vegetables having a natural taste, tomato sauces, mayonnaises, confitures, vegetable soups, salads – all these are high-quality, healthy products, which comply with market and consumer needs. Our products have not only received the Lithuanian Product of the Year medals and diplomas, but are appreciated in foreign countries also.

As the production demand grows every year, we try to discover new markets for it: from Estonia, Latvia and Russia to Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our production sails to Australia and the USA, we are in trade with Canada and Spain.

The balanced team of factory workers is constantly seeking for competitive advantage, and believes that sincere work that requires a lot of love will always be fruitful.


To hear and understand the needs of each and every of our customers and partners and to exceed their expectations in providing the best solution.


Todevelop new products and product lines as well as businesses which are based on market uderstanding and tendencies, the needs of our customers and partners, to meet the neccessary requirements in order to achieve growth and financial results.


  • Export expansion
  • Adapting to changing environment
  • Exceptional product creation
  • Cooperation with scientist
  • Collaboration with business partners

Our Mayonnaise, sauces and ketchup production line