Great combinations for snacks!

Find out which sauces and spreads of Kedainiai canned can be mixed together! 

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Today on a table smells BBQ chicken "quesadilla"!

After this hard word hiding really simply recipe, which can be cook only in 20 minutes. 

For this recipe we need Kedainiai canned fabric ,,BBQ" sauce. 

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Fast and easy recipe for various snacks which can enjoy with your guest!

With this recipe we need Hard cheese spread with garlic

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Sandwiches with tuna and tomatoes.

Do you know that American Original mayonnaise perfect fit with sandwiches?

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Lets try original recipe with crispy chicken, yogurt and mayonnese sauce. 

For this recipe we need mayonnese ,,No preservatives".

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Kodėl gi nepasigaminus lengvų vištienos salotų? 

For this recipe we need Kedainiai canned fabric mayonnese ,,Lithuanian", grapes, celery, apple, green onions, Pecan nuts, raisins and little bit spices.

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Tortilia with marinated cucumbers and field mushrooms– great combination which you can fill with various ingridients. 

For this recipe we need Kedainiai canned fabric marinated cucumbers and field mushrooms.

It's not hard to make it and it's very delicious!

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Easy and super nice- tomato soup with rises!

For this recipe we need Kedainiai canned fabric tomato sauce ,,No preservatives"

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Gaminame trintą jautienos-pupelių sriubą! Mashed soup with beans!

For this recipe we need Kedainiai canned fabric tomato sauce ,,Natural".

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